Included Activities

These Activities are included with your admission

Interactive Walking Dinos

Our interactive walking dinosaurs roam around the event and look for children to play with. They love the attention and kids love them too.

Meet & Greet the Babies

A crowd Favorite at Dinosaur Expedition... Our interactive baby dinosaurs snuggle and play with our guests. Some of our babies are shy, while other are pretty mischievous. Which baby is YOUR favorite?

Dino Band

More fun than you have had in 65 million years. Come Jam, Sing and Dance with Dinosaur Expedition's own Dino Band!

Dinosaur Dance Party

Did you know that Dinos LOVE to dance? Come show your best dance moves and let's see what you got!


Take a break and sit for a bit. Enjoy Storytime with a Dino. Some of the most fun dinosaur books will be read throughout the weekend.

Craft Creations

Your creativity is the only limit. We have all the supplies you need to make a fun, collectible Dino to take home.

Premium PAID Activities

Walking Dino Rides

Ride your favorite dinosaur around a giant T-Rex!

T-Rex Skooters

These fun Skooters will keep a smile on your child's face AND yours!

Dino ATVs

Get your motor runnin'! Get your friends together for a race around the Giant T-Rex. See who comes in first.

Interactive Photo Booth

Our interactive photo booth puts YOU in the scene with some pretty scary dinosaurs. Strike a pose, take a pic and take home a great dinosaur memory.

Bounce Houses

Let your little one get some energy out and have some fun in one of the many bounce houses. They will sleep like a baby tonight after this.

Stationairy Dino Rides

Dinosaur Expedition has many different species of dinosaurs to ride. Pick your favorite or ride them all. They will ROAR and move but you'll be safe!

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