About Dinosaur Expedition

Go on a walk-thru expedition and discover the largest dinosaurs on the planet

DINOSAUR EXPEDITION is a Gigantic Dinosaur event where kids of all ages can explore and discover their favorite dinosaurs. Our Dinosaurs are True-to-Life in both size and appearance. This must-see event features the LARGEST dinosaurs touring the country. Dinosaurs ranging from babies to MASSIVE sized creatures with some standing over 28 feet tall and spanning over 60 feet long!  Our Dinosaurs are created with advanced animatronic features that are so realistic, you will think they are alive!

As you go through this DINOSAUR EXPEDITION, immerse yourself into the Mesozoic Era with prehistoric life-size and life-like dinosaurs from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods. Dinosaurs featuring moving heads, necks, tails, wings, eyes blinking, mouths that open and close, breathing movements, synchronized sounds, roars, and other amazing details that make them true to life!

As you walk thru this realistic indoor experience at your own pace, you can get up close to dinosaurs throughout and encounter a T-Rex, Velociraptor, Branchiosaurus,  and Stegosaurus, just to name a few.

DINOSAUR EXPEDITION is an interactive and educational experience where children can participate in Story Time, be creative at our Dinosaur Craft and Coloring Station and enjoy a fossil dig. They can learn about dinosaurs through the informational facts located by each creature. We have several Dinosaur displays that provide great photo opportunities like climbing into a dinosaur egg or dinosaur mouth. You can also interact and dance along to the animatronic Dinosaur Band or participate in the Dinosaur Dance Party that is hosted several times throughout the day. You can pet, touch and walk alongside our roaming dinosaurs.  And a fan favorite is our baby dinosaurs, they are perfect for little kids that want to touch something more their size...if you're lucky enough to be there when the baby dinos get hungry, you can even watch them getting fed.

Guests can also participate in premium activities. Tickets for the premium activities can be purchased at the event.  Some of our more popular premium activities include face painting and airbrushing, bounce house inflatables, Dinosaur Scooters, Walking Dinosaur Rides, T-Rex ATV rides, Stationary rides (that give kids the opportunity to experience what it would be like to ride a dinosaur) and interactive photo opportunities that put you in the Land of the Lost.  

DINOSAUR EXPEDITION also has a Sensory Friendly Session that takes place at 8:00 a.m. on the Saturday, in each city. This session will be an experience in a sensory modified setting with sound and light adjustments designed to be less stimulating and overwhelming for those that have sensory sensitivities.

The DINOSAUR EXPEDITION team has a mission to Make Hunger Extinct! This initiative helps those struggling within each local community, so in every tour stop across North America. Our team partners with local food banks in every city we stop in throughout North America. Guests are encouraged to bring non-parishable food items to the event to help contribute to a great cause. Collection bins will be located at the entrance of every event. All collected food items will be donated to help children and families in the local community facing hunger and food insecurities.

This immersive event will provide the best opportunity to see and feel what it must have been like when the world’s largest creatures roamed the earth.

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